I have spent a lot of time dwelling in the famous Chinese Quarter of Birmingham this past week, and I’ve found a few new gems – *yay*.

I usually stick to my childhood favourites when I’m around this part of town, and never really venture out. There are so many new and interesting places that have opened up in recent years around the Arcadian and beyond, and I finally tried a sweet little, very green restaurant called Min Min. (You’ll see what I mean by green in a second).

It was too early for dinner but I was ever so slightly hungry (as always), which meant I didn’t order much, but boy did I love what I ate!

They’re big on their broths here, but what’s more exciting is their selection of noodles. These range from the basic egg noodle to shrimp egg noodle w/ dried shrimp, which means the noodle concoctions here are endless! Their noodle menu not only offers Vietnamese style, but also Japanese and Thai, so you can have your ramen AND vermicelli fix if you really want to. You’ll find Lemongrass Pork, Massaman Curry, Creamy Prawns and so much more on for mains. Don’t be deceived by the size of this place, their menu is immense and offers so much variety. The Chef’s Specials include Thai Style Chilli Fish, Garlic Beef w/ pak choi and Pipa Tofu (minced tofu deep fried). To help with the long list of choices, there are images of dishes which is incredibly useful if you’re trying Min Min’s for the first time.


Vietnamese Spring Rolls

A favourite amongst returning patrons. These beauties are filled with glass noodles, prawns, pork and diced vegetables served with an acidic dip. I should mention that the batter on these babies are unlike any other spring roll I’ve ever eaten. Visually, they looked like prawn crackers that had blistered in the oil when they were deep-fried. The crispy texture complimented the soft filling inside perfectly. There were 3 large spring rolls, and I ate them all. By myself. Yes. #DontJudge

Salt & Chilli Squid Chicken w/ boiled rice egg fried rice

Yes, I totally edited the menu version and replaced squid with chicken and boiled rice with egg fried rice, because fried rice.
This instantly became a new ‘top 5 best Salt & Chilli Chicken’ dishes for me. I took my first bite skeptically because bad versions of this dish depresses me. Crisp and salty chicken pieces, with fresh peppers, spring onions, diced carrots, garlic, chilli and a little residual oil sitting beneath, perfectly paired with the ever popular egg fried rice.


Min Min’s is a glorious little space on the quieter side of Hurst Street (Bromsgrove Street to be exact). What attracts you more than it’s accompanying neighbours is the fresh, green colour that lights up the road, day or night. The big glass windows allow you to look into the restaurant and dining area which is modern yet comfortable. If you sit facing the kitchen, you can see chefs at work from time to time. I am very excited about this little hub and I could go back there tonight to try more of their exciting menu!

Service – 8/10
Price – £
Ambience – 7/10