I was meeting my sister in South Ken for a quick lunch – you wouldn’t usually pick Daphne’s for a swift meal, yet, there we were.

Walking in, the striking bar is reminiscent of Martin Brudnizki design, of course. The green leather and marble tops – classic. It is long and narrow surprisingly, and takes up one room of it’s own.

Daphne’s is divided into 4 ‘main’ rooms, with the best of the lot being at the front of the restaurant, where you have a better view of your surroundings. Before speculating the menu, we analyse our fellow patrons. It’s all very cliché Chelsea – what else do you expect?

The staff were very attentive, I put this down to the size of each dining room – it was difficult to not be catered for.

Daphne’s is a gorgeous spot for dates, catching up with close friends, lunching with your Mum or even your entire family. It has a certain charm about it that brings Italian chic and classic together harmoniously.



The prawns were the best prawns I have EVER tasted. I don’t know what sort of witchcraft was going on with them, because they were no usual ‘Gamberoni with chilli & garlic.’ I almost never ordered them until the waiter recommended they were one of their best sellers. Not only were the prawns themselves succulent, fresh and moist, but the sauce packed a punch – full of wonderful Italian flavours. The prawns had formed a sort of, crust around the flesh (I presume they were pan-fried), this took the flavour to a whole other level.

PLEASE go and try these prawns <3

Hake w/ Seafood risotto

This was my first time trying hake – it was a pleasant enough fish, especially with the accompanying flavour and textures from the seafood risotto and basil sauce. I have always loved the combination of fish with rice, there’s something very humble about it, and I love me some comfort food!

Fillet of hake & seafood risotto w/ calamari
Fillet of hake & seafood risotto w/ calamari

Gnocchi Sorentina

A very simple and honest dish. Wonderfully cooked gnocchi, more potatoey than pasta-like; they were giant clouds of carbs lathered in salty mozarella and a gorgeous tomato sauce.

Gnocchi Sorrentina (tomato and mozerella)
Gnocchi Sorrentina (tomato and mozerella)


I am going back for those magic prawns.