I love New Row Coffee.

I love the space, the size, the coffee makers, the pastry display, the quietness, the condensated windows and the minimalistic furniture, it’s incredibly cosy in here. The most indy of indy coffee shops.

“We don’t need to mask the flavour of our espresso with dollops of syrup or cream – our blend is strong enough to speak for itself.” 

Their coffee is wonderful – thin on the palate, meaning you can have more cake. *YAY*


It’s that good, it deserves it’s own section. The star of the show is the chocolate brownie – the owner’s homemade recipe. I CANNOT STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS BROWNIE. Who’d have thought I’d find it here, in an unassuming coffee shop on a little street in Covent Garden?

It’s thin, salty, sweet, slightly chocolatey, gooey and chewy, and the balance is so so perfect. Never have I wanted to eat another brownie right after already devouring one, but I can have 10 of these, legit.

Okay so back to New Row. It’s as famous as Covent Garden itself and has continuously been named one of the top coffee shops in London. Take a look at some of the snaps. Oh, also, they were playing ‘Justin Timberlake – What Goes Around’ when we walked in. After Bieber dropped his new album, you wouldn’t expect anyone to be raving it up to Timberlake right now. This made me love it even more than I already did. I could just sit in here for hours.

The owner has two other coffee shops in their portfolio; separate to New Row. I think this is incredibly important in a world where indy is much more appreciated than chains and franchises. I spoke to the guys behind the counter about this topic and they totes agree; it’s so nice to talk about coffee shops in a coffee shop 😉



Perfect for getting away from it all when Covent Garden has ran you down a little.

Service – 8/10
Price – £
Ambience – 8/10