Upon entering, I was welcomed by an airy, contemporary and sophisticated dining room. Complimented by blue skies and sunshine courtesy of the tall glass windows, overlooking the surrounding greenery in a clean corner of Clerkenwell.

Almost instantly, I was overwhelmed by the presence and ethos of Bill Granger, the mind behind Granger & Co., and famous Bill’s, waaay over there in his homeland, Australia. This is how it’s supposed to feel, I assured myself.

A bit of Sydney, right in the heart of Clerkenwell.

Greenery and glass. Match made in heaven.
Greenery and glass. Match made in heaven.

A Saturday morning is the best time to realise the absolute charm of this place. Voices travel upwards and spill into the dining room, the tables are just a little too close to one another, and it’s just loud enough to make out your neighbour’s conversations. Every inch of this place exudes Bill’s philosophy of community, sharing, great food and great interior.

Don't mind me.
Don’t mind me. #GiantBrickOfAPhone


I started off by ordering a latte.

Struggling between the Ricotta Hotcakes w Banana & Honeycomb Butter and the Korean Fried Chicken w Iceberg Lettuce, Spring Onion & Chilli Sesame, I decide to order both. (ALWAYS order both).


I salivate every time I think of them. Warm and fluffy with a velvety texture – these are no regular hotcakes. Hidden in the batter are tiny pops of cloud-like ricotta, which remained undamaged by the scathingly hot grill they’d been so well cooked on. The honeycomb butter was melting rapidly somewhere underneath the heat of the cakes, so I quickly salvaged it between my knife and fork and place it on top of what was left – ‘how did I eat these so quickly already?’ I explained in disbelief. Streaks of dark honeycomb run into the exposed ricotta clouds, giving them a rippled effect, looking and tasting delectable (everything tastes better with butter.) I couldn’t get enough of them, but I had to leave room for the Korean Fried Chicken #disciplinebitches.

There was a small platter of individual pieces of chicken, spring onion, lettuce and a chilli sesame sauce; I had to concoct this thing myself. The chicken was beautifully battered and extremely crunchy, the flavours worked so well together, but personally, I’m not a fan of chicken thighs, so I couldn’t finish it.


I have been back a few times, and I always order the sourdough w/ whipped eggs and I add chorizo – it’s the most perfectly simple breakfast, done well. I love this place <3.

Service – 7/10
Price – ££
Ambience – 8/10